E waste Rietfontein

E waste Rietfontein, Data destruction and computer recycling

E waste  Rietfontein data destruction and computer recycling.  Similar to a rubbish dump we are the dumping site for electronic waste.  Above all, we aim to help the environment.  Through a process of sorting through old devices.  For instance, telephones and cell phones.  Or printers and fax machines.  A lot of these gadgets have no use now.  But the components inside do!

Like copper that is in most wiring.  This product is sort after.  Our company separates broken electronics for metal, copper, plastic and more.  For recycling purposes. 

It is a great concept and helps the world keep a cleaner environment.  But what about still working goods like a laptop?  Well, that is even better.  As items like these are refurbished for low price resale.  It helps poorer communities as it is more affordable.

There is every reason to become part of a responsible recycling world.  Contact our electronic scrap yard now for more information.

E waste
E waste 

The need for E waste Rietfontein

Much like a scrap metal yard, the need for E waste   grows every day.  Electronic waste is fast becoming a world issue.  Technology demands more devices.  In turn, this results in scrapped devices.

For example, with a CD player, more and more people listen to music on their phones.  Or insert a flash drive into a USB in a car with all their favourite music.  The idea of Fax machines and DVD players will soon phase out.  These gadgets pile up in cupboards.  Alternatively, people throw them away into trash cans.  Be a part of the solution.

Our companies establishment relieves landfills of e-scrap.  Contact us for fast and responsible electronic waste management.

A commitment to a better world

Our motto is a  commitment to a better world, E waste Rietfontein. So you have made decided to scrap a stack of unused electronics.

Great!  Contact us now for buying prices we offer.  Components like memory devices are in our responsible hands.  We perform data destruction, this wipes out all information.  Ask us for a certificate of proof. 

Our corporation is recognized by EWASA. Plus, we are an accredited digital scrap yard.  It guarantees that our processes are above board.  E waste Rietfontein, follows strict regulations and procedures.  For you and our environment.

E waste

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